Our Work: Westin Hotels

The Westin Hotel - Michigan Avenue

Chicago, IL


This multi-phased guestroom and corridor renovation took place over the course of two years. The hotel remained open for business as 750 guestrooms, 23 corridors and 300,000 sq. ft. were completely redone within a very aggressive timeline. The project was divided into two phases: guestrooms and corridors on 12 floors of the eastern tower were worked on first; the following year, 22 floors on the western side of the building were renovated.


  • All existing wallcoverings were removed, walls were patched and new wallcoverings applied
  • Challenging and crowded working conditions (with multiple trades onsite) and a tight schedule required careful coordination of crews and materials
  • Large-scale manpower was efficiently deployed, dividing workers into painter and hanger crews, and assigning them to appropriate floors
  • Triangle warehoused all wallcoverings, delivering them to the job site on a weekly basis